Savings account

Source : NSBGwalior    Date : 11-Jun-2019
For any person or persons, registered company, corporation, trust, association, etc. valid by the bank savings account can be opened according to the instructions of the Reserve Bank.

Interest will be credited to the savings account at every 6 months terms in the end of September and March or while closing the account. The interest from April 1 to September 30 will be credited till September 30 and interest from October 1to March 31 is deposited in the account till 31st March.
6 months interest if less than 1 rupee will not be payable. According to the RBI guidelines the interest amount shall be paid in1/- rupee integer.
Accounts are opened with the name of the minor or jointly with the minor's. These accounts stop operating when the minor becomes adult and the minor's age Proof, specimen of his signature, photographs and identity proof should be provided to the bank. Bank savings account in the absence of above documents may stop operating.
In case the account holder closes the account within 6 months of opening date, to 100 / - rupees will be taken whereas if closed within 12 months Rs 50 / - rupees shall be taken by the bank. If the account holder releases more than when 20 leafs in a year from the check book issued to the holder each additional leaf will be charged Rs 1per leaf.
These accounts are inoperative since two years and have more than Rs.100 / - balance. The accounts who come in the definition of inoperative accounts blocking of such accounts will be the decision of the branch manager and will be reflected in the computer (debit entry will Lock) in such accounts, debit entry in the accounts or to activate the account will be authorized by the branch manager.
The decisions of the operation of savings account and the service charges on the same also other service charges will be taken from time to time by the Board of Directors determined are applicable under the set rules.