Fixed deposit

Fixed Deposit (fixed / dual) terms and conditionsBy any person or persons recognized by the BankOne Fixed Deposit or deposits van be opened under directives of RBI and the decisions of the Board of Directors, according to any one of the following: By..

Sarwamangal Scheme

The interest on the accounts opened under Sarwamangal Scheme to the account holders on deposits shall be paid as follows: -   Rule number Term Interest rate given to the account holder (Applicable rates 10/05/2013) 1 (a) On closure of ..

Recurring Account

The Scheme aims the computation of capital of your short and regular savings in a certain period of time. In this scheme in 12 months to 60 months or more can be started by deposition of Rs 50 / - per month or its multiple this can collect good money for ..

Current Account

Current Account Terms and Conditions (Current account, overdraft account, cash credit account)  By any person or persons recognized by the Bank the current account of the following types can be opened: -(i) For yourself or on behalf of othe..

Savings account

For any person or persons, registered company, corporation, trust, association, etc. valid by the bank savings account can be opened according to the instructions of the Reserve Bank...