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The determination of establishing the Financial independence has led to the foundation and framework of Nagrik Sahakari Bank.

Cooperative working

Mutual cooperation and Cooperative working is the only way to success. The liberal idea of one for all - all for one, paves the way for co-operation and establishment of any organization. These ideas and ethics of economic independence, self-sufficiency determination to achieve national co-operative bank has led to the building of foundation and frame work of Nagrik Sahakari Bank limited Gwalior. Registered in 1978, this bank is the first urban cooperative bank in Gwalior which has met with the set norms have secured a permit from the Reserve Bank of India and started banking business in 1980. In the first General Meeting of the establishment 6 percent dividend was distributed which was the subject of wonderment for all members. The bank has earned the second place among the all the other regional banks, the bank has been running successfully since last 35 years. On bank's silver jubilee celebrations Hon'ble Chief Minister of the state Shivraj Singh Chauhan and former Cooperative Minister Shri Gopal Bhargava pleased at the progress and advancement of Bank expressed their wishes.

Business flourished

The bank's business started from zero and has always set the new growth records year-after-year on the path of progress. Deposits of Rs 199 crore and above and 5.50 crore share capital for the banks with working capital of 225.00 crore, 19.00 crore Proprietary funds, Rs 79.00 crore Loans and advances, Rs 138.00 crore cash and investments are available. 6 branches of the Bank is serving more than 9,000 members and almost 51,000 deposit account holders and around 2,700 loan account holders is employed in the service of the bank metropolis. In the coming year it is proposed to open branches even out of the district.


It is noted with satisfaction that banking has succeeded not inspired by profits, but on the basis of cooperation. In keeping with the commitment to co-operative principles, the Bank is engaged in spreading and promotion and is supporting its many co-operatives.

High technical and Service standard

The bank's interest has always been in maintaining a high and standard level of customer service. Consequently, since 1999 all branches were computerized and now they are well connected so that each customer can carry out business with any branch. The bank has started ATM services in the core banking services. Services like internet banking, A/C View, will be available shortly.

Increasing Profits

Bank profits in the year 2014-2015 is Rs 3.97 crore on which after income tax net profit is of Rs 2.79 crore. The bank has been in profit and is distributing dividends since its inception. It also undertakes benefit plans for the shareholders'.

Social services

The Bank's main objective is to achieve economic independence, but building healthy, educated and socially cultured society is also an important objective of the Bank.

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