Source : NSBGwalior    Date : 11-Jun-2019

Sahakar Karysadhakah :

Working together is successful. The liberal idea of "One For All, All For One", starts the organization and organization of cooperatives. It was the resolve to achieve economic independence from these ideas and ethics that laid the foundation, structure and decoration of "Nagrik Sahakari Bank Maryadit Gwalior".The first urban co-operative bank of Gwalior, Nagrik Sahakari Bank Maryadit Gwalior registered in the year 1978, started banking business on April 28, 1980 after obtaining the license from Reserve Bank of India, fulfilling the prescribed qualifications. In the first general assembly of the establishment itself, 6 percent dividend was distributed which was a matter of surprise for all the members. This bank, which has got second place in the state's Nagrik Banks, has been running successfully for the last 40 years. In the Silver Jubilee celebrations of this bank, Honorable Chief Minister of the state Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan and former Cooperative Minister Shri Gopal Bhargava have received hospitality and expressed their best wishes for happiness and progress on the progress of the bank.

Business continued to grow:

Starting from zero, the business of the bank always set new records every year on the development path. Deposits above Rs 290.69 crore and with the working capital of Rs. 335.07 crores Bank have 7.50 crores share capital, 28.46 crores Proprietary Funds, Rs. 133.59 crore Loans and advances, cash and investment of Rs 192.44 crore. 6 branches are functioning in the metropolis of the bank serving more than 9788 members of the bank and about 45479 deposit account holders and about 2742 loan account holders and it is proposed to open branches outside the district in the coming years.


It is a satisfaction to write that the bank has achieved success by banking on the basis of cooperative and not profit driven. The bank is engaged in promoting them, keeping its allegiance to cooperative principles and providing support to many cooperative institutions.

Highest technical and service level:

The bank has always been interested in maintaining the highest level of customer service. As a result, since 1999, all branches have been computerized and connected so that customers can deal with any branch. Core banking, ATM services, E-Lobby, Internet Banking (Account view), IMPS, BBPS, Mobile Banking have started in the bank. Wish that UPI facility is starting soon.

Profit only profit:

The bank received a profit of Rs. 4.28 crores, on which the net profit after payment of income tax is Rs. 3.23 crores. Since its inception, this bank has distributed dividends profitably. Besides, it also runs beneficial schemes for the shareholders.

Social service too:

The main objective of the bank is to achieve financial independence, but it is also its important objective to create a health educated and cultured society.